Nowadays, knowing how to communicate with technology isn’t optional: it’s essential.

In 1986…yes, that long ago…the small theatre company I worked for brought two computers into the office to help us manage our records and be more productive. The small training budget allowed for one of the five person staff to get some computer training at the local college. The idea was that whoever got the training would teach the rest of the staff.

No one jumped at the chance to learn. We were, after all, artists and performers not scientists and engineers.

I love any type of learning, so I volunteered. I spent three days learning how to use Symphony, one of the first suite of computer applications with spreadsheets, word-processing and a database. I won’t go into the details, but I discovered I had a previously unknown aptitude for working with technology. I became the office expert; and, in order to contribute more at work I bought my first computer in 1986.

I really thought everyone would have one in a couple of years.

Here we are twenty-nine years later and the only way you can succeed in school or business is if you have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone…and, you know how to use it.

Since 1986, I’ve kept up with software and technology. Not only is it essential to my business, but it’s also one of my hobbies. I love learning what softward can do, and teaching people how to use the software they have to achieve their goals.

So, if technology is slowing you down instead of helping you with your work or studies, give me a call for an initial consultation. If I can help, we’ll book a time to meet online and I’ll teach you how to approach and use your software to succeed.