Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Do you talk about ideas when others are talking about reality? Do you wonder why others are confused by processes that seem simple to you? These questions and many others will be answered through the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

People are different from each other… no amount of getting after them is going to change them. Nor is there any reason to change them, because the differences are probably good. – Dr. David West Keirsey

IA Must Read! Please Understand Me by Dr. Keirseyn the early 1990s, I was introduced to the Keirsey Temperament Theory and the Sorter (KTS). I worked in a small, self-directed team in the provincial government and we were looking for tools to help us communicate better and to figure out who was best suited to do tasks that didn’t fall under anyone’s job description.

We used our results to understand each other and our customers, and I continued to use it informally with coworkers, friends and family for the next fifteen years.

In 2006, I earned my professional certification in Keirsey Temperament Theory and started using it in my individual and team coaching.

Though I have added other assessments to my practice, the KTS is my favourite tool for coaching people in and beyond the workplace.

Choose from one or more of these reports:

The Corporate Temperament Report is designed to help leaders and individual contributors increase their effectiveness in the workplace. It provides an analysis of your personality type, leadership style, workplace preferences and specific advice on areas of strength to emphasize, as well as areas of potential blind spots.

The Career Temperament Report is designed to help you align your career preparation and choices with your innate strengths and preferences. It includes expert advice on career options, tips on communication / interpersonal skills, and insight on navigating the job market based on your personality type. It provides suggested career matches, based on research surveys conducted across a wide spectrum of industry.

The Classic Temperament Report is designed to help you improve their personal relationship with their spouse/significant other, and provide advice on how to interact with colleagues in a workplace environment. It is an excellent introduction to temperament, and will help you to understand yourself and others.

The Learning Styles Temperament Report is designed to provide teachers, students, and parents with new tools to maximize the impact of their teaching and learning efforts. The report analyzes your personality type and learning style, and suggests specific tips for studying, test-taking and other aspects related to your performance in school. The language, descriptions and examples are based on actual classroom experiences of teachers and students. As a student, this report will help you improve their academic potential.