No More Misunderstandings at Work…Wouldn’t that be nice!

No one can promise that you’ll never have misunderstandings at work…or anywhere for that matter. Whenever two people get together, communication is inevitable…and so are miscommunication and misunderstandings. Whether you’re communicating in person, by phone, via email or through social media, misunderstandings can interfere with your ability to do your work and even cause you unnecessary stress.

Research shows miscommunication is a primary reason for workplace dissatisfaction.

I teach individuals and teams to understand their workplace communication styles and behaviours. This leads to smoother communications, stronger teamwork and more productivity.

I know that when people understand how and why misunderstandings occur, they can participate in developing strategies, goals and tactics to overcome these challenges and move forward with less stress and more fun.

When it comes to communications coaching, one-size-does-not-fit-all.

It’s true that many communication issues look similar, but they are never exactly the same. Each of us is a unique individual; we carry our entire life experience into every interaction we have with others. That’s why all my advisory services, coaching sessions, team-building workshops and courses are customized for you.

I’ll consider your personality along with your workplace, management and leadership priorities. I’ll start with a solid framework, that includes the resources and activities you need to meet your own and/or your organizations’ goals.

Whether I’m working with you as an individual, your team, your department or your organization, I’ll focus on the overall goals and teach you how to increase your ability to communicate effectively in the workplace.

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