The Obvious Reason:

My husband Ron Heron helps me run my business.

I’m the Prince. He’s the Heron.

I provide the services; Ron provides me with expert advice and moral support. He also helps me translate IT geek-speak into plain language. This gives our customers an advantage that’s hard to find — a bridge between the business people and the technical people in organizations.

The Deeper Reason:

When I teach academic classes, I always tell my students to look beyond what they see, hear and read to find the deeper meaning. If the obvious reason above isn’t enough, I’ll try to go a little deeper for you  🙂

In the bird-world,  some heron communication and working traits seem similar to ours. They will come together to build their nests in rookeries (communities), yet they go about their daily business of hunting and fishing as individuals rather than as teams.  They compete for resources and the winners manage to get the best nesting sites in prime locations, shielded from the elements and natural predators.

This might work for herons and other birds, but it’s not so good for humans.

To succeed in life, we need to learn how to work with others and combine our knowledge and expertise to be better than we ever could be on our own. That’s why I get up in the morning; to help others succeed.

So get in touch with me, share your stories and together we can make this world a better place.