Team Retreats

Are you a forward-thinking leader interested in better understanding each of your team member’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and interests? If you’re thinking “yes”, take a minute to pat yourself on the back! Progressive leaders like you have a difficult job, but are are crucial in creating productive, fun and harmonious work environments. PrinceHeron Team Retreats to help leaders like you begin the process.

What Happens at a Team Retreat?

Team Retreats are customized to your organization’s needs. You’ll focus on team building through individual assessments, one-on-one coaching and group facilitation. Specialized tools give you a comprehensive understanding of what your style is in the workplace, as well as the styles of those on your team. Understanding other peoples’ styles in the workplace allows you to have productive and meaningful conversations with them, create realistic expectations of them and avoid destructive conflict with them. All of this makes for a cohesive team, and who doesn’t want that?!

These sessions are great for strategic planning, communication workshops, SWOT analyses and/or change management.

Team Retreats are held at the beautiful Victoria Executive Centre, in downtown Victoria. The friendly VEC staff handle the catering, room setup and provide the technical equipment, so your team can focus on the work.

Pricing for Team Retreats range from $900 – $6,000, depending on the number of participants, length of retreat (up to 3 days) and type of facilitation required. Contact me today to find out more and to book your free consultation.

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