Pre-Approved Facilitating

Pre-approved Facilitation Services for BC Public Sector

If you work in the public-sector, hiring a consultant for a short- or long-term project can be very time consuming. In BC, the Provincial Government Purchasing Services maintains lists of pre-approved consultants to make this process easier.

I am one of five approved facilitators for the BC Provincial Government with a Corporate Supply Arrangement until March 31, 2018. I am listed in the BD Bid, Goods and Services Catalogue under Facilitation Services as PrinceHeron Communications.

What does this mean to you?

If you’re in the public sector, it means you may use the contract number and a set-fee listed with Purchasing Services. You may request services without going through the time-consuming process of negotiating fees and writing contracts.

If you’re in the private and not-for-profit sector, you can be assured that I have undergone a rigorous screening process and have the knowledge, skills and ability to help you and your team in the workplace by facilitating your meetings, workshops and events.

Let me help you reach your workplace goals with less stress and more fun.

Tell me about the projects you’re working on and how I can help you. Book an initial consultation. It’s always free.