What Does a Facilitator Do?

Does this happen in your workplace?


What is a facilitator and do you need one?

A facilitator is a neutral third party who creates an organizational framework for planning sessions and meetings. This framework allows participants to think creatively and work towards the goals of the session, without having to worry about running the session.

A neutral facilitator can keep you on track and help you push through emotionally charged meetings to get the results you need.

The following outlines some of the services I’ll provide as your facilitator:

Prior to your session

  • meet with you to discuss your short and long term goals for the session
  • work with you to establish who needs to attend
  • draw up a draft agenda and design the group processes to attain the necessary results
  • share the agenda with potential attendees, changing it as necessary
  • ensure everyone gets fully briefed for the meeting and that everyone knows the purpose and potential consequences of the meeting

During the meeting

  • create a safe environment
  • monitor the agenda
  • keep track of time
  • manage the group process
  • encourage participation from all attendees
  • help participants understand different points of view
  • foster solutions that incorporate diverse points of view
  • manage participant behavior
  • teach new thinking skills and facilitate structured thinking activities
  • record decisions, next steps and outstanding items

After the meeting

  • write up and distribute the results of the meeting to participants including those who could not attend.
  • maintain an open line of communication for follow-up items
  • manage the follow-up process if requested

If you’d like all of your staff to participate fully in your meetings, hire a facilitator.