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Are you at that point in your career where you’ve started to notice patterns in your workplace?

Have you noticed that certain kinds of projects are challenging to do, certain kinds of people are frustrating to work with, and certain kinds of environments are stressful to be in?

Do you love your job, but wonder why particular aspects of your work life affect you in these predictable, and sometimes negative, ways?

Perhaps you’re a manager and you’ve started seeing patterns within your team. One employee tends to alienate herself from the rest of the group because she prefers working alone. This behaviour offends the other team members which in turn makes them avoid her. Maybe another employee meets all people-oriented projects with enthusiasm, but drags his feet when asked to take on tasks that remove him from the rest of the team. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what your employees need, where their strengths lie and how they can best relate to one another?

Watch this video to learn how Everything DiSC can help you and your team.

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