Write to Deliver Pilot Team

In October 2015, PrinceHeron Communications was awarded a contract to develop and deliver a pilot program that focuses on the foundational communications skills for:

  1. planning, designing, developing and delivering verbal and written presentations
  2. giving and receiving feedback from the audience and presenter perspectives

For this pilot program, PrinceHeron put together a team of professionals to ensure that the project is successfully completed and the program is launched on time and on budget. Each member of this team has been selected for their knowledge, skills, expertise, and collaborate working-style.

Key Personnel

Fiona Prince, MAFiona Prince

Here’s aĀ formal blurb…just in case you haven’t read enough about her in this website already šŸ˜‰

Fiona is a highly motivated Communications Professional with a unique combination of technical and communications skills; and, a reputation for building an atmosphere of trust in meetings, workshops and classes. Her area of research, study and practice deals with interpersonal communications in the workplace (verbal, non-verbal and written), including behavioural theories and concepts that offer possible explanations for how and why miscommunication occurs.
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Edie Dittman, BAEdie Dittman

Edie is a Management professional whose expertise spans public sector, non-profit and business operations, with expertise in project management, adult education, facilitation and business writing. Throughout her career, she has built a track record of analyzing and understanding organizational needs and assisting clients to achieve their goals. Edie has developed performance measurement strategies and developed/implemented communication plans.
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Jennifer Walker, MAJennifer Walker

Jennifer is a passionate Organizational Change Management professional with over 15 years of experience in the public, not-for-profit, and private education sectors. As an internal consultant with these organizations, Jennifer demonstrated strengths in planning and delivering change initiatives in complex multi-stakeholder environments. She facilitated training sessions, and coached staff managers, and executives through the change process. She is an articulate and dynamic presenter with the ability to influence and garner excitement.
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Kenn Faris, MAKenn Faris

Kenn Faris is a veteran of communications and change management in the British Columbia public sector. Over the past 25 years, Kenn has played a central role in many successful organizational change initiatives. He has developed, led and managed the delivery of change management, communications and training plans, tools and tactics for several initiatives. Kenn combines his passion for excellent communication with his keen interest in helping others to improve their communication skills and gain confidence in applying those skills in the workplace.
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Erin Richards, BAErin Richards

Erin has provided communications-related services to the private and not-for-profit sectors for five years and has demonstrated strengths in project management, facilitation, developing communications plans, drafting marketing materials, copywriting and editing. Erin has been working with PrinceHeron, providing support on a variety of projects since 2014.
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