Fiona Prince, MA: Coach | Facilitator | Teacher

Thanks for wanting to know more about PrinceHeron Communications!

I’m Fiona Prince, and this is my company. I started it in 2005 after working for 15 years in the public sector and achieving my Masters of Arts in Applied Communication.

As a communications coach, facilitator and teacher, my goal is always to help people achieve their goals through smoother communications. I do this through personality assessments, coaching sessions, classes and workshops.

My clients work in every sector and range from front-line employees to senior executives.

I am an approved facilitator and training delivery consultant for the BC Provincial Government; an instructor and course manager for Royal Roads University Continuing Studies; and, a faculty member of the Justice Institute of BC.

Please contact me to share your stories and learn what we can do together to improve your workplace communications.

I would love to hear from you.